What Our Customers are Saying

Bruce Everhart, Hereford Breeder
“Our cows are on a VitaFerm® mineral year-round. When they aren’t on Concept•Aid® or HEAT® , we keep them on Cattlemen’s Blend™. The mineral keeps our cows healthy, eating, and ...Read More
Tim Wells, Hoosier Valley Ranch
“I was skeptical at first, but within two weeks of feeding the HEAT® mineral I noticed a difference in my cattle. The fly control is good. They weren’t bunching up ...Read More
Charlie Boyd II, Angus & Hereford breeder
"This is the third year we have used the VitaFerm® HEAT™ mineral. We really see a difference in fly control with our cows. When it is really hot out, we see fewer ...Read More
Eric Walker, Walker Polled Hereford Farm
“I have noticed that our cattle are out grazing more during the day and not standing under the shade so much since we started using VitaFerm® HEAT™ mineral. The cows ...Read More
Matt Reeves
“This will be the third summer I have put my cows out with the VitaFerm® HEAT™ mineral. The first year, I put two groups of cows out with it, and ...Read More
Brady Smith
“With VitaFerm® HEAT™ mineral, I notice cattle grazing later into the morning and coming out earlier in the evening when it is still warm to graze, so I can tell ...Read More
Garrett Lampe Top Line Angus
"Using Concept•Aid® Protein Products is a no-brainer. We switched to a cheaper product to cut cost, but in the long run it ended up costing us more. Now, with the ...Read More
John Terrell
John Terrell, Praire Creek Cattle Co
  We use the products because they pay for themselves. Vita Charge helps straighten calves out and get their gut activated. We pull less calves, and any time we don't ...Read More
James Burks 44 Farms VitaFerm Concept-Aid
James Burks, 44 Farms
"Since 44 Farms began using Concept-Aid® mineral, we have been able to not only increase the breed back percentage on our females, but we are seeing stronger fertility in our ...Read More
Vita Charge Goat Johnny Wood
Johnny Wood
"One of the most challenging aspects of commercial meat goat production that I face is herd health. The problems that I most commonly deal with are stress, dehydration, reduced appetite ...Read More
John and Randa Starnes
John & Randa Starnes, Tennessee River Music Cattle
"Open cattle aren't very profitable. With Concept-Aid® we've seen quicker breed back and higher AI rates on first service concept. The more calves we can get on the ground in ...Read More
Darin Dylan Dockter Vita Charge
Darin and Dylan Dockter
"This year we gave Vita Charge® Drench a try at receiving. Out of the 999 calves we received, from several different ranches, we had 0% death loss, which has never ...Read More
Grady Green Darggin M
Grady Green, Draggin M Ranch
"It doesn't matter what you've got in terms of genetics or anything else if you don't take care of the nutrition on those cattle you are basically shooting yourself in ...Read More
Wyatt Debusk Sure Champ
Wyatt DeBusk
“We have always used Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® in our feeding program to maintain health and appetite at home and on the road. We feel it has played a ...Read More
Picture Coming Soon Testimonial
Rod Knutson
"Foot rot and pink eye have been a problem for me since I started feeding and finishing Holstein steers 15 years ago. However, since I started feeding VitaFerm® Roughage Fortifier® ...Read More
Bob Fitzpatrick, Haven Hill Simmentals
"Being in the seedstock business we retain heifers to stay on top of new genetics. We expect those heifers to breed back in a timely manner. Using VitaFerm® Concept-Aid® 5/S ...Read More
David Burns, Burns Farms Herefords
"As a purebred cow-calf producer, we are always looking for ways to improve efficiency in breeding our herd. One of the best ways to accomplish this is for our cows ...Read More
Gene Lollis, Buck Island Ranch
"This past year we fed Concept•Aid® to one set of cows. We documented a 4% improvement in pregnancy rate. We feel as though Concept•Aid® with the Amaferm® advantage is responsible. ...Read More
John Ridder, Falling Timber Farm
Concept•Aid® is the backbone of our reproductive success. If you can get a cow rebred you have just put a whole lot of money in your pocket. Reproduction is the ...Read More
John McCurry
John McCurry, McCurry Angus Ranch
"We've seen the benefits of feeding VitaFerm® mineral in the summer and when we wean our calves in the fall. Amaferm® helps with the digestion of the summer pasture, which ...Read More
Leo McDonnell
Leo McDonnell, Midland Bull Test
“At Midland Bull Test, we focus on performance testing of eight different breeds of bulls. Feed conversion is the key to profitability in today’s inflated environment, and VitaFerm® with the ...Read More
Wayne Houdek
Wayne Houdek, Houdek Dairy
“Since we started using Digest More®, overall herd health and milk production has increased while digestive problems are gone. In the past, every time we switched feed stuffs, milk production ...Read More
Paul, Lori & Kelsey Vanderberghe
The Vandeberghe's, Flying V Angus
“We returned to AIing 10 years ago and we never dreamed of the success we found with including Amaferm®. Eighty-four percent of our cows will calve in 47 days next ...Read More
Rod Schatz
Rod Schatz
“Out of the 168 cows bred last year, only two were open and I pulled the bulls in August. My cows look good even though they seem to eat less. ...Read More
Albert Thorne
Albert Thorne, AW Thorne Land & Cattle
“A few years ago, I ran my own test and the VitaFerm® cattle clearly out-performed the others. When I switched to a cow calf operation, I stayed with VitaFerm®. We ...Read More
Melvin LeLand
Melvin LeLand, LeLand Red Angus
“We’ve used the product for three years and we’ve seen an improvement in the efficiency of our bulls. Our area has significant molybdenum, which ties up the phosphorus, zinc and ...Read More
The Wendels
The Wendels
“Record high land prices and cash rent have made feed more expensive. VitaFerm® makes our feed go farther.”
Ron Aberle
Ron Aberle
“We buy around 2,000 calves weighing 300 to 400 pounds in the fall and feed a ration of corn silage, wet distillers and ground corn stover with VitaFerm®. Even though ...Read More
Dave Tweeten
Dave Tweeten
“I feed VitaFerm® Sure Start® Pellet at weaning. It is a good investment for the health and productivity of the calves. VitaFerm® is a natural product that is very important to ...Read More
Ron Pelton
Ron Pelton, Pelton Simmentals
“We’re feeding hailed out barley and wheat, along with slough grass, a limited amount of ‘good ‘ hay, mixed with corn silage. The overall quality just isn’t there, but I ...Read More
Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches
“Using a Sure Start® program of Vita Charge® Drench, VitaFerm® Sure Start® Pac, and then VitaFerm® Feedlot, we see how easily we are able to get these cattle started and get them ...Read More
Jackie Coltrane
"The consequences of fescue grass and the hot, humid days in Southeast Kansas always cause our cows to spend their days standing in the pond or in the shade. After ...Read More