Customer Testimonials

Bob Fitzpatrick, Haven Hill Simmentals | Illinois

“Being in the seedstock business we retain heifers to stay on top of new genetics. …read more

Shilo Schaake | Kansas

“Over the years my family has learned there are certain things that have to be …read more

David Burns, Burns Farms Herefords | Tennessee

“As a purebred cow-calf producer, we are always looking for ways to improve efficiency in …read more

Gene Lollis, Buck Island Ranch | Florida

“This past year we fed Concept•Aid® to one set of cows. We documented a 4% …read more

John Ridder, Falling Timber Farm | Missouri

Concept•Aid® is the backbone of our reproductive success. If you can get a cow rebred …read more

John McCurry, McCurry Angus Ranch | Kansas

“We’ve seen the benefits of feeding VitaFerm mineral in the summer and when we wean …read more

Leo McDonnell, Midland Bull Test | Montana

“At Midland Bull Test, we focus on performance testing of eight different breeds of bulls. …read more

Wayne Houdek, Houdek Dairy | Minnesota

“Since we stared using Digest More™, overall herd health and milk production has increased while …read more

The Vandeberghe's, Flying V Angus | North Dakota

“We returned to AIing 10 years ago and we never dreamed of the success we …read more

Rod Schatz | North Dakota

“Out of the 168 cows bred last year, only two were open and I pulled …read more

Albert Thorne, AW Thorne Land & Cattle | Oklahoma

“A few years ago, I ran my own test and the VitaFerm® cattle clearly out-performed …read more

Melvin LeLand, LeLand Red Angus | Montana

“We’ve used the product for three years and we’ve seen an improvement in the efficiency …read more

The Wendels | North Dakota

“Record high land prices and cash rent have made feed more expensive. VitaFerm® makes our …read more

Ron Aberle | North Dakota

“We buy around 2,000 calves weighing 300 to 400 pounds in the fall and feed …read more

Dave Tweeten | North Dakota

“I feed VitaFerm® Sure Start® Pac Pellet at weaning. It is a good investment for …read more

Ron Pelton, Pelton Simmentals | North Dakota

“We’re feeding hailed out barley and wheat, along with slough grass, a limited amount of …read more

Steve Mowry, Ma & Pa Angus | South Dakota

“The VitaFerm® Power Keg is the best working supplement that we have ever used. Even …read more

Steve Harrison, Riverbend Ranches | Idaho

“Using a Sure Start® System of Vita Charge® Drench, VitaFerm® Sure Start® Pac, and then VitaFerm® Feedlot, …read more