Timmy Mills, TNT Family Farms

“We’ve been using VitaFerm® products in our cattle operation for the last two years. We put VitaFerm and another mineral side-by-side, and the cattle would always go to the VitaFerm. We keep it free choice in the pasture along with the VitaFerm 30-13% Protein Tubs. Our cattle consumed more in the first few months, but then they leveled off in consumption. We’ve found it is key to keep the Protein Tubs along with the mineral to avoid overconsumption. The Concept•Aid® is a really good mineral. While using this product, our cows have taken to breeding much more easily, and we were able to move a group up about 45 days with 75% of them being bred during their first heat cycle. We tried the Concept•Aid HEAT® this summer and the cattle seemed to handle the humid, hot days easier. When weaning calves, we’ve found the Vita Charge® Stress Tubs really aid in their transition by decreasing the bawling down to one or two days. We’ve been really pleased with all the BioZyme® products we’ve used and will continue to use them on our cattle farm.”