Ty Byrd

“Believe it or not, California is a pretty challenging environment to get cattle bred in, not just because of the different climates, but the different temperatures and different grasses coming on at different times of the year. We had tried a lot of different mineral that cattle would eat great for two months and then stop cold turkey. Literally on one day, they would all stop eating it. We were basically looking for something that our cows would consume. We tried some of the VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® one day, and it appears to be the only thing we can get our cows to consistently consume. In our program, we’re not so much concerned with what something costs, we’re concerned with the total picture and what we can get back. If we can make more pregnancies, then ultimately, we are putting more money in our pocket. I would also tell you we are making better embryos when we flush here, and the only change we have made the last 3-4 years is in the mineral.”