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Concept Aid

Vitaferm® Concept•Aid® is a line of vitamin and mineral supplements for beef cattle formulated to promote effective, easy breeding when fed 60 days pre-calving through 60 days post-breeding. High concentrations of vitamin E and organic trace minerals, coupled with the Amaferm® advantage, supports quick repair of the reproductive tract and more energy for reproductive success. Additionally, increased nutrient absorption and digestion leads to healthier and heavier calves giving you performance that pays.




Breeding and Calving Resources

How Soon Will a Cow Breed Back After Calving 
how soon will a cow breed back after calving We expect a lot from a cow. She spends roughly 283 days in gestation, delivers a calf, and then we prepare her for breed back and expect her to conceive problem-free during her first heat. That is a lot for the body to handle, and the cow does it, hopefully, year after year after year.  The time it takes for
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Tips for Preparing Cows for Breed Back 
breed back Breed Back Spring is in the air, and there is no better sight than baby calves running across the hillside with their shiny coats. What we don’t see is what is happening inside that mother cow, a magnificent reproductive machine. She’s doing her best to raise a growthy, vigorous calf. All while preparing her body to breed back for her
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BioZyme’s Guide to Cattle Reproduction: A Healthy Digestive System is the Foundation for Reproductive Success 
By Chris Cassady, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Beef Technical Sales, BioZyme® Inc.  It’s no secret that reproductive success is the most influential factor determining profitability in beef production. If a cow doesn’t produce a live calf, the operator is left holding the bag of her annual production cost without an opportunity for a return. Considering today’s calf prices, weaning a
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