BioZyme® Incorporated is an innovative company in the agricultural fields of livestock nutrition and animal microbiology that manufactures supplements & precision biotics that naturally promote animal health and performance for Care that Comes Full Circle. VitaFerm® is our beef cattle brand line of nutritional supplements purposefully crafted to maximize energy and forage utilization at every stage of production with products that ensure your herd is receiving optimal digestive health and nutrition resulting in performance that pays.

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How Today’s Cow Nutrition Impacts Next Year’s Calf Crop

By Chris Cassady, Ph.D., BioZyme Inc. It’s well established that the nutritional requirements of cattle fluctuate throughout the year and depend on the production cycle of the cow. Although the nutritional cost for maintenance remains somewhat constant, there are many factors that influence these added nutritional “taxes.” Growing heifers have elevated needs to support their […]

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How BioZyme Products are More than “Just a Mineral”

Cattle values are reaching all-time highs, but the cost of inputs have also paralleled. Producers make the initial financial commitment in their genetics, so it’s important to have every tool needed for long term success. The VitaFerm® and Gain Smart® lines of products are great investments in any cattle operation because they provide a precision […]

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How the Amaferm Advantage can help Stretch your Forage Resources

Between the widespread drought, increased need for hay resources and lack of pastures, cattle producers across the country are looking for ways to cut their input costs. During a time when they should be turning cows out to pasture, those pastures aren’t as nutrient dense as normal, and hay is at a premium, making the […]

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The American Rancher | BioZyme Concept•Aid

American Rancher: BioZyme Concept•Aid

Dec 7, 2020 Vitaferm® Concept•Aid® is a line of vitamin and mineral supplements for beef cattle formulated to promote effective, easy breeding when fed 60 days pre-calving through 60 days post-breeding. High concentrations of vitamin E and organic trace minerals, coupled with the Amaferm® advantage, supports quick repair of the reproductive tract and more energy […]

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BioZyme® maintains a staff of technical professionals that work with producers to determine the nutritional content of their forages and develop feeding programs that cost-effectively achieve the performance goals of individual producers.

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