Kyle Stohs

We began using VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® two years ago and had first-calf heifers breed back in 28 days the first year. The second year we used fixed-time A.I. and got 80% of our herd to stick. As we have a small herd, getting great A.I. conception rates is extremely valuable to us. This spring I will have a 13-year-old cow that will calve her third straight year with an A.I. calf and settled the first cycle each of those three years; a feat I attribute to Concept•Aid. Through social media primarily, along with a little bit in magazines, I learned of the VitaFerm HEAT® product. The pasture we currently have has very few trees for shade and no pond to cool off in. In addition, we dry lot some cattle, so I figured with the luck we had with Concept•Aid, we better try the HEAT product. I have been very happy with how HEAT has performed for us. We have a few 12+ year-old cows that have held their condition phenomenally over this summer (much better than past years) and will wean big calves – a lot of which I attribute to HEAT. I haven’t noticed near the amount of panting and fighting for shade this year. Thanks for producing great products!