Sid Arnold

Sid Arnold, Owner of Pleasant Acres Show Cattle, Georgia

“We ran our own trial with the VitaFerm®Concept•Aid® for two years, with a year skipped in between. We didn’t do exactly what is recommended the first year but still had 82% conception rates with our A.I. herd. The next year our local feed co-op suggested we try something else, and our A.I.s dropped to 62% and embryo work was 50% so we were pretty bummed out about it and said we won’t do that again! So, this year we went back to VitaFerm Concept•Aid and followed the recommendations. We fall calve, so most of our A.I. work was done Nov. 20, and we don’t know results yet, but based on what we saw with the bull clean-up we should be back close to that 80% on A.I. work. We did get 70% with our embryos; those were IVFs, so we are pretty stoked about it. It’s worked well for us! We will use it again. When we didn’t use Concept•Aid, we saw more cows come up open after the first breeding cycle.”