Levi Gorush, B Bar L Herefords

“I would normally cake our cows, even in the summer, and then fly spray them while they are eating their cake. Since starting them on the VitaFerm® HEAT® IGR (transitioned to VitaFerm® HEAT® with ClariFly®), I haven’t even had to spray any of our bunches of cows. When I drive by other pastures, I see cows standing in ponds gathered up, fighting flies. Then I get to our pasture, and I see our cows scattered out and grazing in 95-degree weather thanks to the VitaFerm HEAT mineral with IGR. And it is nice to actually see our cows eating the mineral. When I fed other products, the cows didn’t eat it. When I pour out the VitaFerm HEAT mineral, the cows come, and they actually want to eat it.”