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Don Abarr

“Through the course of last summer and early fall, we ran Vita Charge® Drench at weaning and ran it through almost every calf. We only treated four calves (out of nearly 600) the entire fall season, and that really made me a believer. They really responded well to the usage of the product and started eating right away. We ran the Stress Tubs on top of that, so we really went all-in and had tremendous results. We deliberately didn’t give the Vita Charge Drench to a few calves to run our own experiment, and you can see the difference right away. The first 10 days after weaning, those calves go backwards, that’s a 30-pound differential and that translates into real dollars. That made me a believer. We used Vita Charge to help with digestibility through that stressful time, when we put our bull calves in our bull development program, we target for them to gain 3.25 pounds per day. As we ran those trials into February, we weighed the bulls every 30 days. With the usage of the product and the fast start that they got, out of 170 bulls, I had six bulls not gain at least 3 pounds per day. The rest were 3.80, and we had a huge number of those calves that were up over 4 pounds. They just really excelled in performance. It’s been tremendous. We’ve been very happy with it.”