Spener Nero

“My whole protocol has changed because of Vita Charge® Cattle Drench. I used to give a lot of antibiotics, fill them up with shots, but once I started using drench, I’ve eliminated every shot I give them. Now, I give them the drench and I worm them. That’s pretty much it for the first week until the they are eating good and drinking good. Then we’ll come back and work them. When I bring in at-risk calves at 130 to 400 pounds, there are Vita Charge Stress Tubs out 24/7. I don’t care if people think that’s overconsumption because if they are eating it, they need it. There is no amount of money on keeping one alive. If I didn’t these products, and I lost one calf, at the end of the year, that’s like losing 700 bucks.”