3 Tips to Prepare for Calving Season

You’ve been waiting nine months to see if your cattle nutrition and breeding decisions were on track and D-day is almost here. Kevin Glaubius, Director of Nutrition and Regulatory Support at BioZyme® Inc., offers three tips to make sure you are prepared for this calving season. Make Sure Your Calving Kit is Ready There is […]

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Focus on Body Condition Scores Prior to Calving

There is a little bit of irony when we say “spring” calving is around the corner. However, regardless of when calves will hit the ground, you want to make sure you and your cows are prepared. Calf prices are certainly not what they were last year, but at this point, every live calf means dollars […]

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Prepare for the Worst During Fall Calving

Source: Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service – Northeast District’s Timely Topics Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar is quoted saying “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.” Most cattle producers do a really good job with management while expecting the best but sometimes we lack on preparing for the worst. There are steps that each […]

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Donor Cow Nutrition

Thoughts of next year’s breeding decisions are in full swing. In addition to natural service and A.I., you may be considering embryo transfer. Flushing those cows with superior phenotype and genetics can be an easy way to make rapid improvements in the quality of your cowherd. However, flushing and embryo transfer comes with an elevated […]

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VitaFerm Mineral

Mineral Supplementation Proven to Optimize Reproductive Performance of Cattle

For cow/calf producers, there are certain times that significantly impact the operation’s profitability. Failure to manage the nutrition of the cow herd during these critical times can hurt productivity in ways that producers often do not think about. Supplementing the herd with important vitamins, minerals and proteins before calving and through breeding has been research-proven […]

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