How one Farm Uses a Mineral Program to Raise the Next Generation

At Next Generation Genetics, Tod and Sondra Brancel understand the importance of raising the next generation – both livestock and humans. The couple married in 2005 and formed Next Generation Genetics from a mutual love of livestock – specifically registered cattle. Sondra is a fifth generation Hereford breeder; Tod’s family raised dairy cattle and milked […]

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What You Should Know: Three Things Buyers Consider

Information is power. In today’s world, more information is available than ever before on about any topic you have an interest in. For cattle buyers looking to fill their feedlots and backgrounding yards, three pieces of information are essential when it comes time to buy calves: vaccination history, genetic makeup and the nutrition program history. […]

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Crucial Creep Feed Considerations

It is a widely known and accepted fact that the purpose of creep feeding is to economically put additional weight on the calves before weaning. Supplementing calves with creep feed is important to their growth, as it provides a source of energy that most calves won’t get while transitioning from nursing to grazing forages. Although […]

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Century Ranch Believes in Keeping Calves Healthy, Growing.

Seeing is believing. And when ranchers see the results of a product that keeps calves healthy, eating and performing, it is easy to believe in that product. That’s why Thaler Land & Livestock at LaGrange, Wyo., believes in the Amaferm® advantage. The ranch, owned and operated by multi-generations, has seen the results of supplementing their […]

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Creep Creep VitaFerm

Considerations for Creep Feed

To creep, or not to creep? That is the million dollar question for many producers. When determining whether or not to creep feed, a producer must assess financial variables with production goals to determine what creep protocol (if any) is the best fit for their production scenario. Prior to weaning, a calf’s diet consists of […]

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