American Rancher Show to Feature Wyoming Ranch Family, VitaFerm®

“A good mineral program is so important, and it is essential to animal health.”

This sentiment is shared by Dr. Tim Holt. Holt is a world-renown veterinarian known for perfecting the pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP) test. The PAP test is a predictor of high-altitude sickness or “brisket disease” in cattle throughout the West.

Raising cattle is challenging enough, but add three more challenges of remoteness in big country, predators and elevation into the daily mix, and the challenges become even greater. For ranchers Brad and Kelly Carnahan, Big Piney, Wyoming, grazing at altitudes above 7,500 feet and in an area deficient of many vitamins and minerals is the biggest challenge to their herd health program. Healthy cattle are cattle that get a complete, balanced diet including the vitamins and minerals they need for the basic functions of life.

That’s why Holt recommended the VitaFerm® mineral products to the Carnahans.

“Simply, one of the reasons I recommended VitaFerm to him was I knew the products, I know those who stand behind the product, and I have seen the product work for other ranchers,” he said.

The VitaFerm Concept•Aid® 5/S is working for the Carnahans too. After preg-checking recently, they have 93% conception rates, the best they have had since starting their cow-calf operation.

You can learn more about the challenges and opportunities the Carnahans have faced as they live their dream raising healthy, safe, quality beef while keeping the land sustainable in the mountains of Wyoming. Tune into the American Rancher on RFD-TV on Monday, December 7 at 9 p.m., EST, to learn more about the VitaFerm mineral program and how it helps Brad and Kelly Carnahan achieve their goals. If you miss that program, that episode of American Rancher will re-air on Tuesday, December 8 at 1 a.m., and Sunday, December 13 at Noon, all times EST.

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