minerals for cows

VitaFerm® Offers Minerals for Cows in Every Stage of Production 

Minerals for Cows Everywhere you turn, input costs keep creeping up, slowly and steadily. Feed, medicine costs, fencing, and basic supplies for cattle producers are increasing. Often times the first sacrifices that producers make are vitamins and minerals for cows.   Cows require vitamins and minerals for various essential physiological functions to support overall health, growth, […]

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A Guide to Grazing Corn Stalks

If you’ve driven throughout the rural Midwest in the last week or two, you’ve likely noticed a significant difference in the landscape. Where tall corn fields once stood, you can now see for miles, as harvest is in full swing and only the stalks remain.  “In the upper Midwest and in the Plains, there is an […]

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Conserve Costs without Sacrificing Performance

Cattle producers are always looking for ways to reduce their input costs without surrendering their herds’ performance. Now, they can do both successfully. BioZyme® Inc., makers of the VitaFerm® line of supplements is launching VitaFerm Conserve® to its product family.   “VitaFerm Conserve was purposefully crafted with the producer in mind as an economical line of vitamin and mineral […]

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Progressive Cattlemen: Longevity is Benefit of Commitment

Longevity. It seems like a term that doesn’t get used much anymore. Many things in the marketplace are “single-use” items, and products just aren’t made like they used to be. However, for one couple in the cattle business in southeast Louisiana, longevity is a trait that they have become accustomed to.  Arnold and Missy Hess, Morganza, […]

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Advantages of Loose and Tub Protein Supplementation

Choices are everywhere. And that is true for cattle producers looking for the best protein supplementation for their herd. Cattle producers have several options of various brands and multiple forms of protein to distribute. There are blocks, tubs and loose mineral. But what is the best option for a producer who wants to make sure […]

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How Customer Service Creates a Competitive Edge for One Operation

Passion. Quality. Commitment. These are just three traits that come to mind when one mentions Garrett Lampe’s name. Lampe, a fourth generation Angus producer from Western Kansas, has a passion for the cattle, land and the people that surround him. He’s dedicated to raising high-quality cattle, something he takes seriously as the General Manager of […]

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