Conserve Costs without Sacrificing Performance

Cattle producers are always looking for ways to reduce their input costs without surrendering their herds’ performance. Now, they can do both successfully. BioZyme® Inc., makers of the VitaFerm® line of supplements is launching VitaFerm Conserve® to its product family.  

“VitaFerm Conserve was purposefully crafted with the producer in mind as an economical line of vitamin and mineral supplements for the beef cattle herd that complements our existing products during the times of year when reproduction isn’t the primary focus,” said Jack Oattes, Area Sales Manager. 

VitaFerm Conserve is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement line that like all BioZyme products, comes with the Amaferm® advantage to maximize nutrient digestion and absorption. Although it contains a balanced vitamin and mineral package and Amaferm, Conserve does not contain organic trace minerals. Rather than formulating to optimum nutrient levels like the VitaFerm Concept•Aid® line, VitaFerm Conserve is formulated at sufficient nutrient levels to maintain performance. Therefore, the savings can be passed on to the producer without sacrificing the health or performance of the cow herd. 

Five formulas will be available in the VitaFerm Conserve line. In addition to the standard VitaFerm Conserve®, there will be VitaFerm Conserve® Mag to mitigate the effects of grass tetany; VitaFerm Conserve® CTC 3G to assist those in areas prone to anaplasmosis; VitaFerm Conserve™ Garlic, to deter insects; and the VitaFerm Conserve® Protein Tub, for convenience. 

“We are excited to offer VitaFerm Conserve to our customers who want to conserve costs without giving up the benefits of a balanced and fortified mineral package along with the Amaferm advantage, 365 days out of the year,” Oattes said. 

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