Vita Charge® Neonatal Supplements New Calf Nutrient Needs

There is nothing more exciting around the farm or ranch than the anticipated arrival of a newborn calf. Many months of hard work and preparation go into bringing a new calf into an operation. Therefore, getting them off to a solid start is key to producing a healthy and thriving animal.

Newborn calves, like any newborn animal, face many challenges to their health and survival. The birth process, getting enough colostrum, and trying to fight off infectious diseases are just a few trials newborns face. Vita Charge® Neonatal is a new option for producers to consider using to get calves through that critical first stage of life.

Vita Charge Neonatal is an oral supplement for newborn livestock. It contains a powerful dose of anti-stress vitamins, Amaferm®, and MOS. This unique nutrition combination elevates the resilience of calves when they face many production stressors. Vitamins and B vitamins are included as they are essential to nutrient metabolism and absorption, as well as are the foundation for proper nervous, brain and cardiovascular function. Amaferm supports the animal’s ability to recover from the effects of stress by increasing intake and improving nutrient digestion and utilization. And the addition of MOS further solidifies Vita Charge Neonatal’s ability to improve animal health by helping to remove harmful, pathogenic bacteria from the digestive tract.

This product is designed to be fed to calves at a rate of 15 mL per head, per day. It can be conveniently used as a drench or mixed into milk and/or milk replacer. In regard to beef calves, it would be advantageous to give Vita Charge Neonatal at birth or any time a calf has to be treated for a sickness. If you have orphans or bottle-fed calves, they could benefit from this product at least the first 2-3 weeks while on milk replacer to ensure they are over the high-risk period or even throughout the entire time they are on milk replacer, if so desired.

Ensuring sufficient colostrum intake within those first 12hours is pivotal to ensuring those calves get off to a strong start. Lots of time and resources go into preparing for calving season. Giving your calves the added boost found in Vita Charge Neonatal will give them the assistance needed to cope with any stress or sickness they encounter. For more info on how to ensure healthy, resilient beef calves visit or contact your local Area Sales Manager at 816-238-3326.

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