how soon will a cow breed back after calving

How Soon Will a Cow Breed Back After Calving 

We expect a lot from a cow. She spends roughly 283 days in gestation, delivers a calf, and then we prepare her for breed back and expect her to conceive problem-free during her first heat. That is a lot for the body to handle, and the cow does it, hopefully, year after year after year.  […]

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breed back

Tips for Preparing Cows for Breed Back 

Breed Back Spring is in the air, and there is no better sight than baby calves running across the hillside with their shiny coats. What we don’t see is what is happening inside that mother cow, a magnificent reproductive machine. She’s doing her best to raise a growthy, vigorous calf. All while preparing her body […]

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how to treat heat stress in cattle

How to Treat Heat Stress in Cattle 

Nobody likes to feel stressed, cattle included. And those cattle definitely don’t want to experience heat stress. But with the summer quickly approaching, it’s inevitable that heat stress is going to strike, ready or not.   Preventing heat stress is actually preferred over treatment. But there is always going to be some need to treat heat […]

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fly control mineral for cattle

The Importance of Using Fly Control Mineral for Cattle 

Fly Control Mineral for Cattle Good things don’t always come in small packages. Take the fly for instance. Tiny little flies cost the beef industry more than a billion dollars each year. If you break that down, flies can cost you, the producer, $30-$50 per pair if you are not engaging in effective fly control […]

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garlic for cattle

Garlic for Cattle: an Ideal Fly Control Method 

Garlic for Cattle Out of sight; out of mind. But what if that nuisance we can’t see is going to cause more than $1 billion in damage to the U.S. beef industry? It’s time to make flies top-of-mind. Yes, that tiny black fly causes a huge economic impact to the beef industry each year.   It’s […]

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Amaferm® – A wise investment, not an extra cost

Chris Cassady, Ph.D., BioZyme® Inc., Beef Technical Sales Manager Profitability in beef production is dependent upon output revenue exceeding input costs. Elevated calf prices have pushed gross returns yet profit margins have shrunk due to the rising cost of production. A general rule of thumb is that at least 60% of your operational expenses are […]

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Prebiotics vs. Probiotics: How are They Different

Prebiotic and probiotic sound similar; in fact, with just one letter difference, you might even believe they function equally too. However, that is not the case. Both prebiotics and probiotics do play a role in the health of the bacteria found in the digestive tract. Yes, there are good bacteria in there. But they are […]

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The Real Cost of Limiting Nutrients

– Dr. Les Anderson, Beef Extension Specialists, University of Kentucky  Fall is rapidly approaching, and all cow-calf producers need to access the body condition score, or BCS of their herd. Spring-calving cows are weaned off and the fall is the most economical time to put weight back on. Now is also a key time to […]

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How to Get Cows Bred Back the First Time

Bringing a new life into the world is perhaps one of the most exciting moments ever. However, it can be one of the most stressful too, because no matter how many books you read or classes you take, there is nothing to prepare you. That statement is true for humans, but even truer for the […]

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How to Manage Consumption of Loose Mineral

Loose mineral has definite advantages in your cow-calf enterprise. It is a cost-effective way to supplement your cow herd, ensuring they receive the nutrients they need. However, too few vitamins and minerals won’t get the job done; and too much of a good thing will cost you, the producer, more than you budgeted for in […]

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