Century Ranch Believes in Keeping Calves Healthy, Growing.

Seeing is believing. And when ranchers see the results of a product that keeps calves healthy, eating and performing, it is easy to believe in that product. That’s why Thaler Land & Livestock at LaGrange, Wyo., believes in the Amaferm® advantage. The ranch, owned and operated by multi-generations, has seen the results of supplementing their fresh-weaned calves with the Vita Charge® line of products.

Calves that stay healthier, eat more readily and gain more efficiently have made the Thaler and Evans families true believers. The family ranchers work diligently to eliminate stress at weaning by making sure they wean when the weather is good, provide proper vaccinations and use a high-quality supplement that includes the Vita Charge Drench and Vita Charge Stress Tubs.

“When we wean, and we go right to Vita Charge Drench, I’ll go 45 days without any issues, usually. Those calves seem to come out of the drench, hit the stress tubs, and go straight to the bunk. I’ve had no issues the last three years that we’ve used the products,” Kevin Evans said.

Keeping calves healthy is a top priority for Thaler Land & Livestock. They run on limited labor across a wide area. Healthy calves mean reduced labor and treatment costs. It also means calves that are higher performing for their customers.

“We want to be sure our cattle are heathy before they go anywhere else. We wouldn’t send them anywhere if they weren’t healthy,” said Dennis Thaler. “Whoever buys our cattle, we want them to have success with them and when they come back to us, we want them to say, ‘that was the best group of cattle I ever bought.’”

The ranch has been in the Thaler family for more than a century. The key to their longevity in the beef business is to continually learn and make improvements.

“Our main goal is to get better every year; whether its cattle or pasture or education, we just want to get better,” Kevin said. “It is very important for us to care for our animals as good as we can. Not only for ourselves and our bottom line, but for our reputation as cattlemen. It’s what keeps us going and without healthy cattle and good cattle, we’re out of business.”

“That’s where the Vita Charge really came in. That gave them a heck of a boost – better than we’ve seen before,” said Kevin’s father-in-law, Dennis. “The cattle needed more nutrition, better nutrition.”

BioZyme® Inc., has been in business for more than 50 years, developing nutritional supplements for livestock that producers like the Thaler and Evans families can count on. All BioZyme products contain Amaferm, is a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply within for maximum performance. It is research-proven to increase intake, digestion and absorption.

“I believe in Amaferm a lot, mostly because I’ve seen the difference in the cattle’s consumption,” Kevin said. “And I firmly believe if you’ve got a healthy gut in your cattle, you have a healthy animal.”

Brandi Evans said using the Vita Charge products benefits their entire operation.

“It might be costing us more up front, but we feel that it is helping us with fewer vet bills and in the long-run we are getting more benefit out of it,” she said.

Progress. Thaler Land & Livestock is making progressive strides each day to ensure that the ranch is there for the next generation – Hadley and Hudson Evans. And BioZyme, makers of products like Vita Charge, plans to continue making innovative products that the next generation can count on too.

“I wouldn’t trade one day,” Brandi said. “We have a very good family heritage here – 100 years. We are very proud of that, but also very proud of the fact we have evolved over those 100 years and not doing things the same way.”

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