Preparing For Successful Lambing Part II

By Ben Neale In Part I of our Preparing For a Successful Lambing series, we discussed pre and post-lambing nutrition and the importance of having the right facility set up. When lambing season begins, there are several things that you should have on hand to make sure the process goes smoothly. There are also animal health […]

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Tips for Successful Lambing Part I

A little preparation can go a long way in the prevention of problems during lambing season. In order for a ewe to do her job, deliver strong healthy lambs, and have sufficient milk to raise those lambs it is important to provide proper gestation management. Maintaining ewes on a quality vitamin and mineral program prior […]

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VitaFerm Mineral

Mineral Supplementation Proven to Optimize Reproductive Performance of Cattle

For cow/calf producers, there are certain times that significantly impact the operation’s profitability. Failure to manage the nutrition of the cow herd during these critical times can hurt productivity in ways that producers often do not think about. Supplementing the herd with important vitamins, minerals and proteins before calving and through breeding has been research-proven […]

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