Minimal Investment Keeps Cattle Performing Year-Round

Environmental factors, input costs and other outside factors wreak havoc on production costs while market volatility remains unpredictable. Yet, for less than a nickel per cow, per day, you can make the investment to keep your cattle healthy and performing. 

Amaferm®️ is a prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply for maximum performance. It is research-proven to increase intake, digestion and absorption. Amaferm is created from a select strain of Aspergillus oryzae grown by non-alcoholic fermentation in a proprietary media in St. Joseph, Missouri, and is the key ingredient found in all VitaFerm® vitamin and mineral supplements produced by BioZyme® Inc. 

“If you are in the cow business, you are in the grass business, so getting Amaferm in your cows everyday pays big benefits for minimal costs. If you buy a delivery mechanism for Amaferm, like one of our premium minerals, from BioZyme, we figure that’s approximately 4 cents per cow, per day,” said John Jeffrey, BioZyme Area Sales Manager, representing Oklahoma and Southern Missouri. “And the Amaferm advantage is going to stretch your grass, making your resources last longer.” 

Amaferm has three key functions in the diet: increasing intake, digestion and absorption. When those three tasks happen, your herd will have more energy to do whatever job they are currently doing: lactation, gestation, maintaining; increased digestion for increased gut health, meaning more overall performance; and more absorption, meaning getting the most efficient uses of the nutrients in your feedstuffs. 

Although many producers might think Amaferm is meant for particular seasons of production, it is critical to get Amaferm into the bovine diet year-round. Keeping that digestive system healthy, keeps that cow or bull healthy, and keeps it eating and grazing while converting that forage into performance. Jack Oattes, BioZyme Area Sales Manager in New York and Vermont, explains. 

“Amaferm is a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility of feedstuffs by amplifying the nutrient supply within for maximum performance. In order to bolster performance and health throughout all phases of production, whether it be the development of young stock, breeding, gestation, calving or lactation; year-round supplementation of Amaferm is essential,” he said. 

One of the biggest benefits of Amaferm is its versatility allows it to work with all types of forages. Numerous research trials have been conducted that show that Amaferm will work for all types of feedstuff and for all types of cattle. 

“It doesn’t matter what type of grass you’ve got because Amaferm is going to work the same on Fescue as it is Bermuda as it is on Buffalo Grass; it doesn’t matter,” Jeffrey said. 

The cow is consuming more forage and with the help of Amaferm, getting more nutrients from it. Amaferm works to increases microbial protein production by an average of 31%, along with its research-proven ability to increase volatile fatty acid production by 16%, the cow has more energy and protein with which to perform. 

“People who feed Amaferm will mention that their animals are healthier and ask why. Partially, that goes back to the increased absorption rate of nutrients and getting nutrients into their system. Amaferm is working to increase gut health, and since we know a large part of the immune system of an animal resides within the digestive tract, it is in turn promoting a healthier animal,” Jeffrey said.   

Many progressive cattle producers already feed the VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® line, prior to calving through breeding. Concept•Aid is a highly fortified line of vitamins and minerals specifically designed for reproductive success. Concept•Aid contains 2.5 times the National Research Council’s recommended nutrients for quicker impact, high levels of Vitamin E and organic trace minerals.  

For those who are more price conscious but still looking to maintain Amaferm in their herds’ diets 365 days a year, BioZyme has recently launched VitaFerm Conserve®, a line of more economical vitamin and mineral supplements for beef cattle that supports the health and condition of the whole herd. Conserve includes the Amaferm advantage to optimize nutrient digestion and absorption while the vitamin and mineral pack preserves cattle performance. It contains a complete mineral package, no trace minerals, but still will keep your cattle performing while getting Amaferm in their diets during the less crucial times of year. 

“We know that Amaferm’s research-proven mode of action stimulates the growth of fungi and bacteria along with enhanced microbial enzyme activity within the rumen. This leads to increased digestibility, and when coupled with some of our most recent developments in understanding how Amaferm increases nutrient absorption, more performance is possible for every producer. Bottom line, Amaferm helps producers achieve more in their operations with the feedstuffs they have available,” Oattes said. 

Keeping cattle healthy and performing can be costly. But for less than a nickel a day, keeping them at their optimum health and keeping them converting forages into nutrients seems like a simple decision. Whatever you feed your animals, feed them Amaferm. Get the Amaferm advantage in your herd 365 days a year and start seeing a difference in health and performance.

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