Factors That Affect Free Choice Mineral Consumption

By Twig Marston, Technical Sales Field Manager When providing a free-choice mineral it is important to be conscience of the factors that will affect intake. Our expectations are always that all animals will consume the desired amount on a daily or a regular basis. However, age of animal, herd dynamics, feeder placement, forage availability, forage quality […]

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Mineral Supplementation Programs with the Amaferm Advantage

Mineral Supplementation with the Amaferm Advantage

Stockmen know that a solid mineral program will increase performance in grazing cattle. Not only does mineral supplementation provide needed vitamins, macro and trace minerals, but it can also carry extra additives. BioZyme®’s Gain Smart mineral options allow producers to combine the benefits of mineral supplementation with the Amaferm® advantage resulting in increased efficiency, faster […]

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Keep an eye out for Anaplasmosis in cattle herds

Article courtesy of Donald Stotts, Oklahoma State University, donald.stotts@okstate.edu ENID, Okla. – The occurrence of anaplasmosis has been shown to be more widespread in the United States than once thought, underscoring the need for cattle producers to be aware of causes for and clinical signs of the disease. “This past year, confirmed cases of bovine anaplasmosis in […]

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Fescue: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

Grass is a key component in any grazing operation, especially in the summer. Tall fescue is the most widely adapted forage in the U.S. It is a persistent grass that is easy to establish, tolerant of a wide range of management regimes, and produces good forage yields. However, it is a relatively low palatability forage […]

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BioZyme has expanded its rapidly growing VitaFerm HEAT brand to include a new 200 lb. HEAT Tub and loose mineral containing CTC 3G to aid in the prevention of anaplasmosis, an infectious blood disease spread by parasites that causes severe anemia and weight loss in cattle. Previously only available in a loose mineral, VitaFerm HEAT […]

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The Importance of Mineral Supplementation

Importance of Mineral to Cattle

The major nutrient requirements for livestock are: water, energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. In many cases, producers do a good job of providing enough water and adequate energy and protein sources. However, many producers fall short in providing the best nutritional program possible by purchasing “cheap” vitamin and mineral source or failing to provide a […]

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