How to Put More Pounds on Calves

Changing just one management decision can increase gain, and gain increases profitability. Just ask Ray Fussell. The Tennessee Ridge, Tenn., stockman has been buying stocker calves and backgrounding them for 20-plus years. And after he shipped his 2017 calves, his cattle buyer suggested he look into changing his mineral program. So he did just that. […]

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How Stocker Operators Can Alleviate Heat Stress

Summer heat takes its toll on your entire herd, with a decrease in performance, the potential for increased sickness and economic losses. But for stocker calves, in their prime growth period, the added stress from heat can magnify those challenges even more so. The degree of heat stress is typically measured by a temperature-humidity index […]

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VitaFerm HEAT Now Available in 3 Formulas

Heat stress impacts the performance of cattle with millions of dollars of annual economic losses. Animal responses to heat stress include reduced dry matter intake, decreased average daily gain, decreased milk yield, and decreased fertility and poor reproduction. Many producers also don’t realize that heat stress can begin a temperatures as low as 70 degrees. […]

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