Considerations for Getting Weaned Calves to the Bunk

It’s time to start thinking about weaning those fall-born calves, and although you expect to hear some upset mama cows and calves for a few days, there are ways to eliminate stress in the calves and keep them healthy by getting them to the bunk to eat. Three key factors to getting calves used to […]

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Best Management Practices for Weaning and Feeding Calves

by Twig Marston, Technical Sales Field Manager When it comes to weaning and feeding calves, there are several best management practices (BMPs) you don’t want to stop. When focusing on BMPs you can create an effective management system and improve calf health and productivity. Tying nutrition, vaccination and management programs together minimizes problems, builds value and […]

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Rations Tip for Starting Early Weaned Calves

By Julie Walker, Associate Professor & SDSU Extension Beef Specialist Dry conditions have encouraged some producers to wean earlier than normal (6 to 7 months). Research has shown that these calves can perform as well or better than calves still nursing. Pasture quality has a key influence on performance of nursing calves. However, under “normal” […]

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