Stick to the Basics with Cattle Nutrition

Second in a Series based on 1980s Ads Featuring BioZyme® Founder 

“To get more out of this business than you put into it, stick to the basics.”  

Those were the wise words spoken by BioZyme® Inc. founder Larry Ehlert in a 1980s advertising series. As we start a new year, where everyone is thinking about resolutions and goals, many that come along with new trends and fads, his words seem simple: stick to the basics. 

Especially when it comes to managing cow herd nutrition, sticking to the basics will help your cattle perform and in turn, help your bottom line. One of the most basic ways to keep your animals healthy and eating is to provide them with AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility.  

“A properly fed animal will perform better, utilize feed better and yield a better return,” Ehlert said in this black-and-white advertisement. “And why do your cattle need Amaferm? Because any kind of stress, even daily stress, can prevent them from performing at their optimal level.” 

“Our research shows that Amaferm’s mode of action can unlock the equivalent energy and protein of approximately one pound of corn and one pound of a protein source, respectively,” said Chris Cassady, Ph.D., BioZyme Beef Technical Sales Manager. “With current corn and soybean prices, a 4-cent per head per day investment in Amaferm on one cow is worth 35 cents in supplemented energy and protein (an 8:1 return on your investment).” 

When cattle digest their feed better, they can absorb more and better utilize the nutrients available to them. Research has shown that Amaferm has been proven to increase fiber digestion by 17% on average. It also improves crude protein digestion by an average of 10%. Better digestion ultimately saves you money. 

“Amaferm’s mode of action gives any producer the opportunity to improve their profitability. When your feed is utilized and absorbed more effectively, you can maintain on less feed, or capture the value of extra performance in your operation,” Cassady said. “This doesn’t even factor the additional benefit of gut health and immunity from an improved microbiome.” 

Just like it was when Ehlert was featured in the series of ads, Amaferm is the key ingredient in all VitaFerm® products to help the cow-calf producer see performance that pays. In addition, Amaferm is included in the Gain Smart® line of stocker products. Amaferm can also be mixed into any mixed ration by working with your feed mill.  

“Amaferm is the most unique feed additive on the market. You’ve invested your life into the genetics of your herds, so help them reach their potential with a powerful nutritional tool,” Cassady encouraged. 

Cow herd nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated. Stick to the basics. Be sure to provide a good water source, balanced nutrition with protein and energy, and add Amaferm to the diet to increase digestion and increase performance in your herd. 

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