Nutrition Company Offers Services Beyond Sales

Nutrition isn’t a one-size fits all approach. A producer’s environment, available feedstuffs, production goals and the climate are just a few factors that might determine which route is needed to hit the optimum nutritional goals. That is why BioZyme® Inc. offers services to help customize each producer’s feeding program.  All that the producer needs to do is reach out.

First, as a producer, you need to know what nutrients you already have present in your available forages and feed. BioZyme will test current and potential customer’s forages for free to determine the nutrient value. Lindsey Grimes- Hall, Area Sales Manager in Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia, suggests contacting your ASM to collect forage samples or work with you to collect the samples. Once the ASM knows a producer is interested in this service, she said the ASM will contact the local dealer to bring him or her into the line of communications. Some dealers do have the equipment and knowledge to take the samples and submit them; others do not.

Once the ASM has collected the sample or samples, those will be submitted to a central lab for testing. Grimes-Hall said it typically takes up to four days to receive the results. She said the key findings the nutrition team looks for are protein and energy content along with the macro mineral status of the forage. Once the nutrition team has the results and knows the producer’s goals, the team, comprised of Kevin Glaubius, Director of Nutrition and Dr. Susan Day, Formulation and Ration Manager, will work with the producer to formulate rations that best fit their operation’s needs and will help it meet its goals.

“We are here to help our customers succeed,” Grimes-Hall said. “Forage testing and formulating the best ration for your operation is the first step to help you know what kind of supplementation you need to help you succeed.”

Brett Carter, cow-calf producer from Stratford, Okla., said customer service is important when doing business. He said it is important for him to find a company that will provide service in tough times as well as the good times.

“The other thing that is important to me are the people behind the products,” Carter said. “I can pick the phone up—and I’ve done it at 9 o’clock at night—and call Alan Lee or call John Jeffrey to discuss with them an issue I’m having or increasing consumption or decreasing consumption of mineral. And those guys answer the phone and they want to help you remedy the problem. They’re not just selling you something and waving you out the door. They answer the phone, help with products and help with little bumps along the way.”

Yes, nutrition is one key to an operation’s success. But just like genetics or herd health, one size doesn’t fit all. That is why the nutrition and sales staff provide additional services to make sure your livestock are receiving the proper nutrients they need to maximize their potential and help you meet your production goals.

To contact your ASM for these services, visit: for a full list of ASMs. Remember, the ASM is your first link to nutritional success in your operation.


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