VitaFerm Raised: Superior Livestock’s Value-Added Nutrition Program

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With the input costs rising and dipping cattle prices, it is important that your cow herd’s nutrition is maximized. Without a solid nutrition program you could be sacrificing health, pounds and conception rates. As BioZyme Director of National Sales Alan Lee puts it, “It is very, very important that your cattle are nutritionally sound for every other product and input cost to work at its maximum level.”

BioZyme is excited to partner with Superior Livestock Auction and offer the first-ever value-added nutrition program. Calves that have been raised on a VitaFerm fed dam and/or were fed a VitaFerm mineral 45 days prior to sale through delivery are eligible for the the VitaFerm Raised program. These calves will be identified with the VitaFerm Raised emblem when sold through Superior. If your operation focuses on backgrounding cattle, you could be eligible for the Gain Smart program.

Today buyers are looking for more and more information about the cattle they purchase. Superior has always been a leader in offering value-added programs that in turn put more dollars in the sellers pocket, and ensure the buyer is getting high quality calves.

Check out our recent American Rancher show highlighting the program. Many of our current customer are already eligible for this program. For others this is a new opportunity for your cow herd and calves to receive all the benefits of VitaFerm minerals, while you put premium dollars into your pocket.

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