Superior Auction Program

Good nutrition has come to the forefront as one of the keys to healthy, profitable cattle.


VitaFerm® Raised

BioZyme® VitaFerm® Raised program is designed to do just that. This program minimizes the effects of stressors like transportation, shrink, co-mingling, processing/handling and new diet acclimation. BioZyme Inc. products are specifically designed to promote proper rumen fermentation and gut health by containing the natural, proprietary prebiotic, Amaferm®, along with a balanced nutritional profile of minerals, proteinated trace minerals and vitamins.

Feeding VitaFerm products with the Amaferm® advantage will:

  • Maximize energy and forage utilization for on-target, efficient nutrition
  • Boost conception and minimize heat stress
  • Get calves to come to the bunk sooner
  • Maximize weaning weight

How to Become Eligible for Value-Added Program Emblem

  • Option 1: Calf must have been raised on a VitaFerm fed dam and/or was fed a VitaFerm mineral themselves during pre-conditioning for a minimum of 45 days prior to sale through delivery.
  • Option 2: Weaned cattle or other cattle must be fed a VitaFerm mineral 45 days prior to sale through delivery.



VitaFerm® Gain Smart®

Feeding the Gain Smart program with the Amaferm® advantage:
  • Makes the most of the cheapest feed available to any stocker
  • Accelerates gain by stimulating the calf’s rumen to function at top efficiency
  • Improves health by reducing the impact of stress, the largest sucker of immunity
  • Pays a 3 to 1 return through more gain, more health
Calf must have been backgrounded for a minimum of 45 days prior to sale through delivery on a VitaFerm Gain Smart mineral.


For more information, contact BioZyme Inside Sales at (816) 344-5748, Alan Lee, BioZyme Director of Sales (South) at (816)344-5742 or your Superior Livestock Auction representative.