BioZyme Introduces HEAT into VitaFerm Gain Smart Line

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BioZyme® Inc. is excited to introduce VitaFerm® Gain Smart® Stocker HEAT®, available April 1. The new product combines essential ingredients from the popular HEAT mineral with Gain Smart Stocker, providing a nutritional supplement for yearling stockers that will naturally help regulate internal temperature and combat flies.

“We felt like this combination was a fairly logical fit for summertime grazing,” said Alan Lee, National Sales Director with BioZyme. “The HEAT component offers a natural insect repellent while also helping regulate the animal’s body temperature.”

Producers will continue to see the benefits of Amaferm® they are used to with the BioZyme products resulting in increased intake, digestion and absorption.

The new product is a result of customer demand, Lee said. Any time the Company can provide end-users with innovative, natural products, he considers that a win for the industry.

“We take great pride in working with our customers to provide solutions that will help their cattle perform better and generate increased profits,” he said.

With Gain Smart Stocker HEAT, producers should see calves spending more time grazing and less time in the ponds or under shade due to decreased body temperatures throughout the day. The Amaferm advantage should lead to increased intake and potentially increased gains.

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