What Our Customers are Saying

"Being in the seedstock business we retain heifers to stay on top of new genetics. We expect those heifers to breed back in a timely manner. Using VitaFerm Concept-Aid 5/S has been instrumental in reaching that goal. This past year we retained nine heifers that calved and returned to estrus in under 80 days."
Bob Fitzpatrick, Haven Hill Simmentals | Illinois
“Over the years my family has learned there are certain things that have to be done daily to achieve a high level of success in the show ring. One of those requires including Sure Champ as part of the daily feeding routine to ensure a healthy, fresh appearing animal and maintain the proper appetite.”
Shilo Schaake | Kansas


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Feed Barometer - Feed Value Tool

The feed barometer provides estimates of feed values based on feedstuff nutrient content and current market prices, and independent of any reference feeds such as corn or soybean meal. Click here to view this month's reports.