What Our Customers are Saying

“I was skeptical at first, but within two weeks of feeding the HEAT® mineral I noticed a difference in my cattle. The fly control is good. They weren’t bunching up as much and were spreading out more and eating in the heat of the day. That convinced me that this mineral works. The cows are eating more, and the calves appear to be gaining well. It’s the Amaferm® in the HEAT that helps a lot.”
Tim Wells, Hoosier Valley Ranch
"This is the third year we have used the VitaFerm® HEAT mineral. We really see a difference in fly control with our cows. When it is really hot out, we see fewer cows pond up, and they are out grazing more frequently. Perhaps the biggest impact is the difference we see here where we graze on fescue. We have lost fewer pregnancies from fescue toxicity since we started feeding the HEAT mineral."
Charlie Boyd II, Angus & Hereford breeder