What Our Customers are Saying

"It doesn't matter what you've got in terms of genetics or anything else if you don't take care of the nutrition on those cattle you are basically shooting yourself in the foot. The Concept-Aid and VitaFerm products have done a tremendous job in terms of body condition. The breed back has been outstanding, and our conception rates have done nothing but go up."
Grady Green, Draggin M Ranch | Arkansas
“We have always used Sure Champ and Vita Charge in our feeding program to maintain health and appetite at home and on the road. We feel it has played a vital role in our success. This year we have incorporated Liquid Boost and have noticed the strongest appetites we have had while on the road. Whether it was the trip to Expo or State Fair our pigs didn’t miss a beat and in many instances appetite increased.” - Wyatt DeBusk, 2015 California State Fair Grand Champion Market Barrow
Wyatt DeBusk | California


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Feed Barometer - Feed Value Tool

The feed barometer provides estimates of feed values based on feedstuff nutrient content and current market prices, and independent of any reference feeds such as corn or soybean meal. Click here to view this month's reports.