What Our Customers are Saying

"We've seen the benefits of feeding VitaFerm® mineral in the summer and when we wean our calves in the fall. Amaferm® helps with the digestion of the summer pasture, which leads to more milk production in our cows. Using VitaFerm® products has also resulted in reduced heat stress of our cows. They spend more time grazing and less time in the pond."
John McCurry, McCurry Angus Ranch | Kansas
“At Midland Bull Test, we focus on performance testing of eight different breeds of bulls. Feed conversion is the key to profitability in today’s inflated environment, and VitaFerm® with the Amaferm® advantage in our high-roughage diet, allows us to have some of the most competitive conversions and costs-of-gain in the industry.”
Leo McDonnell, Midland Bull Test | Montana


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Feed Barometer - Feed Value Tool

The feed barometer provides estimates of feed values based on feedstuff nutrient content and current market prices, and independent of any reference feeds such as corn or soybean meal. Click here to view this month's reports.