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What Our Customers are Saying

One of the most challenging aspects of commercial meat goat production that I face is heard health. The problems that I most commonly deal with are stress, dehydration, reduced appetite and scours. Since we have began using Vita Charge Liquid Boost we have seen distinguishable improvements in twelve to twenty-four hours. I have watched Liquid Boost dry up kids with scours overnight. It’ll get feeder kids who have gone off feed right back to the bunk line by the next morning. After adding Vita Charge to my health protocol I wouldn’t attempt to raise meat goats without it.
Johnny Wood | Missouri
Open cattle aren't very profitable. With Concept-Aid we've seen quicker breed back and higher AI rates on first service concept. The more calves we can get on the ground in the first 20 days of calving season, the more profitable we will be. We know that by having Concept-Aid mineral out there, that cow is getting everything see needs to go to work for us and be profitable and efficient. The calves are born healthier, they grow better and they'll wean heavier on Concept-Aid. I would argue you would be hard pressed to find something else that cost only $.04-$.08 more a day over a standard mineral that gets you as much return.
John and Randa Starnes, Tennessee River Music Cattle | Alabama


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