What Our Customers are Saying

"This is the third year we have used the VitaFerm® HEAT mineral. We really see a difference in fly control with our cows. When it is really hot out, we see fewer cows pond up, and they are out grazing more frequently. Perhaps the biggest impact is the difference we see here where we graze on fescue. We have lost fewer pregnancies from fescue toxicity since we started feeding the HEAT mineral."
Charlie Boyd II, Angus & Hereford breeder | Mays Lick, KY
“I have noticed that our cattle are out grazing more during the day and not standing under the shade so much since we started using VitaFerm® HEAT mineral. The cows shed out quicker. Our conception rates have held good, maybe even increased a little bit. And there is a reduction in the number of flies around the cattle.”
Eric Walker, Walker Polled Hereford Farm | Morrison, TN