Drought: Tools and Solutions to Make it Work

As many producers are once again dealing with drought, it is important to utilize all resources and tools to ensure you make the most of what you have.

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Our staff of nutritionists are ready to assist with the challenges you may be encountering within your operation due to drought. We will work with you to determine the nutritional content of your forages and develop a feeding program that cost effectively achieves your performance goals.

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Stretch What You Have

Amaferm® is the key ingredient in our product lines and is a natural prebiotic that maximizes the nutritional value of feed. It delivers more microbial protein and energy to the animal through increased digestibility thus allowing the animal to utilize more of what they are currently consuming and improve performance without additional inputs.

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Whether you need help locating hay from another source or testing the hay you have, our team is here to help! Our Area Sales Managers are more than just sales people - they are cattleman themselves who know and understand your needs. Our mission is simply to help in whatever way possible.

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Other Resources

We have developed an extensive online tool called the Regional Feed Barometer to help you identify economical choices for your rations. By selecting ingredients that are considered a good buy, relative to cost, you may be able to reduce overall drought feed costs.

Regional Feed Barometer

How to Treat Heat Stress in Cattle 

Nobody likes to feel stressed, cattle included. And those cattle definitely don’t want to experience heat stress. But with the summer quickly approaching, it’s inevitable that heat stress is going to strike, ready or not.   Preventing heat stress is actually preferred over treatment. But there is always going to be some need to treat heat stress in cattle. At BioZyme®, we believe in care that comes full circle. We know that if your cattle are not feeling their best, they won’t be performing their best. That means you probably will be anxious and worried, too.  That’s why we’ve created this ...Read More

Battling Heat Stress: Cattle Symptoms, Condition Causes and Prevention Strategies 

Heat Stress Cattle Raise your hand if you enjoy heat and humidity. If you are in production agriculture, specifically in the livestock business, chances are those hands will remain at your side or maybe tucked deep inside your pockets. Summer’s high heat and humidity bring extra challenges to livestock producers when it comes to overall health and performance.    Summer brings multiple challenges to cattle producers, including but not limited to insects and heat stress. Cattle are more resilient than we often think. However, the combination of heat and humidity can still wreak havoc on the health of your herd.    What is heat stress?   Heat stress ...Read More

Eating Right is Important for Cattle, Too

Fourth in a Series based on 1980s Ads Featuring BioZyme® Founder   Who doesn’t enjoy a properly prepared, balanced meal? For some, an ideal dinner might include a juicy, grilled steak packed with zinc, iron, protein, amino acids and multiple B vitamins, a green leafy salad filled with fiber, Vitamins A & C, a baked potato, that includes potassium, carbohydrates and other important vitamins, and even a bowl of ice cream that provides calcium, riboflavin and niacin. Your cattle are no different. Eating a healthy, balanced meal is important for their overall health and productivity.  “Eating right. It does for your cattle, ...Read More

Keep the “Cow” Factory Running with Good Nutrition Powered by Amaferm®

“This is one of the most efficient factories on earth. And we can help you keep it that way.”   That quote isn’t about an auto manufacturing plant. Or even a widget factory. It is about something we are all more familiar with – the cow. Even back in the middle part of the 20th century, one visionary in the livestock business understood the importance of keeping the cow herd running efficiently with high-quality nutrition.  “Most of the time, cattle do what Mother Nature designed them to do. They turn roughage and feedstuffs into meat and milk. And they do so ...Read More

Amaferm® – A wise investment, not an extra cost

Chris Cassady, Ph.D., BioZyme® Inc., Beef Technical Sales Manager Profitability in beef production is dependent upon output revenue exceeding input costs. Elevated calf prices have pushed gross returns yet profit margins have shrunk due to the rising cost of production. A general rule of thumb is that at least 60% of your operational expenses are associated with feed in a normal year. Considering price hikes due to widespread drought, inflation and limited supply, this guideline could severely underestimate annual expenses as this year ends. It’s a challenge to find affordable ways to maximize the genetic potential of your herd through ...Read More

Consider Management Alternatives During Drought

By Jack Oattes, M.S., BioZyme Inc.  Unpredictable and often extreme weather conditions are just some of the many challenging obstacles that beef cattle producers across the United States regularly contend with while working hard to supply food to a growing population.   Throughout 2021, many cattle producers have been feeling the effects of extremely dry conditions that have had a negative impact on production outcomes. These drought conditions have resulted in decreased pasture resources and overall forage and feedstuff availability while further compounding the record high feed prices the industry has witnessed over the course of the last year. This article aims to shed some light on nutrition and management strategies for producers to consider in order to make the best of drought conditions. While it should ...Read More

Plan Now for Nutritional Needs During Drought

It might seem odd to think about drought as producers in the Midwest are wading through the mud just to do chores, and in the Upper Plains, “spring” calving means getting calves in from 8-10 inches of snow and worrying about frozen ears in April. Even with adequate moisture throughout much of the U.S. early in the year, drought is still a concern that will likely grow as we move into summer. According to the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska on March 27, 2018, 28-percent of the cattle inventory is in areas currently impacted by drought. ...Read More

Feed Smarter During Drought

Every year Mother Nature wreaks havoc on various regions with drought. Drier than desirable conditions challenge livestock producers who depend on forages for their cattle to graze during the summer months; however, with proper planning your cattle and your bank account can survive the drought. There are several options for producers looking to survive drought. Cull and sell the lower-performing part of your herd; wean calves early; adjust your feeding plan; or a combination of these. “There is not one right answer,” said Kevin Glaubius, Director of Nutrition for BioZyme® Inc. “It is best to take action as early as possible and plan ahead before you are ...Read More