Powell Mag

Mag season is here and VitaFerm® has several products that are perfect for when you are needing additional magnesium to help fight grass tetany caused by the new spring growth!

VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® Mag/S
50 lb. bag

VitaFerm Conserve® Mag
50 lb. bag

Exclusive to Powell Feed & Milling

  • Cow-Calf Mag Tub
    200 lb. tub

    A vitaferm and mineral supplement for cattle on pasture



Grass Tetany

Temperatures are on the rise and pastures are beginning to green. For most of us this is a welcomed event that leads to less time in the calving barn, reduced time feeding and a few more hours of sleep. But as many cattlemen and our nutritionist, Kevin Glaubius, have pointed out, it is a very crucial time for producers to be aware of and prevent a condition known as grass tetany or wheat pasture poisoning. Learn more