VitaFerm® Hay Analysis Report

Knowing the nutrient value of your hay can increase performance and save you money. With that in mind, VitaFerm is excited to offer this new tool to help you make an educated decision on when you should supplement with protein and/or energy to achieve maximum performance goals.


How to Use the VitaFerm Hay Analysis Report

  1. First, you will need to take hay samples. For information on how to take and submit please follow this link.
  2. After you receive your hay analysis back from the lab, enter the values for protein and energy of your hay and the month you began calving and hit "calculate".
  3. The bar chart will then be populated to show the protein and energy needs for your herd relative to when you calve.




Your Data

Enter the protein value (% CP) of your hay:


Enter the energy value (TDN) of your hay:


Select the month you begin calving:


Example lab analysis for samples tested through VitaFerm. If you have questions about where to find your data please contact our team.





*The nutrient requirements reflected in these graphs are based on a 1400lb cow with high milk potential. (Source: NRC, 2016)



Using the Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle from NRC, we are able to calculate the percentage of protein and energy your hay is currently providing vs the recommended amount for optimal performance. We then use that data to create a guideline that shows what months since calving you should supplement with protein and/or energy to achieve maximum performance goals.

At any time your graph shows RED, it is recommended you supplement your herd with protein and/or energy to meet the requirements.

Save yourself some money! At any time your graph shows GREEN, your livestock are meeting their daily requirements with the forage you are providing and are NOT in need of any additional supplementation.