Calving Supply and Equipment List

Supplies for the Cow Delivering the calf

  • Bucket for warm water and disinfectant: BUY NOW
  • Disinfectant, cow friendly to put in warm water bucket (ask vet for suggestions): BUY NOW
  • Surgical Scrub to use for disinfectant (cow friendly like Nolvasan or Betadine. Ask vet for help): BUY NOW
  • OB Sleeves: BUY NOW
  • OB Chains (quantity 2): BUY NOW 
  • OB Handles (quantity 2): BUY NOW 
  • Lubricant: BUY NOW
  • Calf Puller (if necessary): BUY NOW
  • Calf Puller Bag (for storage and to keep sanitary): BUY NOW
  • Have a warm water source to fill bucket where disinfectants and surgical soap will be mixed to clean pulling equipment
  • Have a plastic cup to get water and disinfectant from the bucket to clean the cow before pulling

Supplies for the Calf After birth

  • Iodine for the navel: BUY NOW 
  • Syringes for vaccination/medication: BUY NOW
  • Needles for vaccination/medication: BUY NOW
  • Vaccinations/medications that fit into vaccination protocol suggested by vet: BUY NOW 
  • Portable de-horning paste (if applicable): BUY NOW 
  • Ear Tag Applicator: BUY NOW
  • Ear Tags: BUY NOW
  • Ear Tag Marking Pen: BUY NOW
  • Have some old towels around to help get the calf cleaned up and warm if necessary

Supplies for the Calf who won’t nurse

  • Stainless Steel Bucket to collect cow colostrum or mix colostrum replacer: BUY NOW
  • Colostrum replacer: BUY NOW 
  • Milk replacer: BUY NOW 
  • Electrolyte powder: BUY NOW
  • Esophageal feeding tube with tubing bag: BUY NOW 
  • Calf bottle with screw on nipple: BUY NOW

Supplies for Clean Up

  • Bristle Brush for cleaning calving equipment: BUY NOW
  • Wire whisk for cleaning calf bottles: BUY NOW

Additional Helpful Items

  • Calf Claim: BUY NOW
  • A long-acting tetracycline in the case of a retained placenta: BUY NOW


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