Add Paks

Add Pak Product Line

BioZyme® Incorporated is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of products with the Amaferm® advantage. Feed and supplement manufacturers can rely on our nutrition and marketing expertise to assist them in building industry leading products by incorporating our premium Add Paks.These Paks are a one-ounce (or less) per day mix that provides proprietary vitamins, minerals, trace elements and the Amaferm® advantage. They are designed to be included in feed and supplements formulated for cattle, horses, sheep/goats and pigs. Mix these Paks with your grains, protein sources and macro minerals to build a premium branded or co-branded product.

These Add Paks can be chosen from our branded in-stock Add Paks or can be custom blended to meet your specific formulation needs.

The branded in-stock Paks allow companies across the country to benefit from our unique and highly fortified Sure Champ® and Concept•Aid premium brands. In addition to nutrition expertise, we are committed to providing marketing support to those who include these in-stock nationally marketed premium Add Paks.

Like all BioZyme® products, Add Pak formulations are manufactured to the highest standards for product quality, safety, efficacy and traceability while meeting strict regulatory requirements. BioZyme® continues to make significant investments in facilities, software applications and people.

BioZyme® believes in sharing its marketing efforts and nutrition expertise to help grow your business.


  • Producer level ration formulation
  • Producer level feed testing to support ration formulation
  • PhD mill level formulation support
  • PhD mill level label development and consultation
  • Marketing and branding support
  • Access to Regional Feed Barometer
  • Producer meetings to introduce partnership and grow business
  • On farm consultation to support the business
  • No hidden fees – one all-inclusive price is our promise

Pricing Available Upon Request.


The BioZyme® Marketing Team prides itself on creating innovative marketing pieces and events that both inform the customer, and create the response, “I want to be a part of that.”


television2BioZyme® has a strong presence on RFD-TV through our advertising on The Angus Report, American Rancher and Stockshow Confidential. These programs allow us to increase our brand recognition.

Youth Programs

youth-programs2Every year BioZyme® invests hundreds of thousands in junior livestock programs. The Junior National Hereford Expo, the National Junior Angus Show, World Pork Expo and Team Purebred Junior National are just a few of the summer events where your customers can witness our presence. Each year more than 5,000 Sure Champ® T-shirts are handed out to junior livestock members at national and regional events.

Sure Champ® is also excited to host the “Make Your Own Luck” Show Clinics. These one-day events bring together industry experts to provide advice and hands-on learning in areas of nutrition, selection, showmanship and animal health. The purpose of these events is to not only provide as much education as possible so these young showman can excel in the show ring, but also to connect potential customers to the brand.

Social Media

social-media2Since 2008, Sure Champ® has been a leader in social media. Potential customers can connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. These channels allow us to reach more than 15,000 people with each message or picture posted, and that audience is growing daily.


E-Newsletters MarketingBioZyme® has created a variety of monthly e-newsletters for distribution. These newsletters not only provide information on products and current promotions, but also contain industry information, nutrition tips, and customer profiles.Your contacts can be added to our database to ensure they receive a newsletter each month.

Print Ads

Print Advertising MarketingWhether you are looking to promote Concept•Aid, Sure Champ®, or one of our other product lines we have an ad for you. Let us provide you with a professionally designed ad or flier. All ads can be customized to include your contact information.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail MarketingDirect mail has proven to be an effective way to inform the customer about new products that can help them achieve their goals. In addition to our promotional postcards and Concept•Aid postcard series, we can create custom made postcards that can be sent directly to your customers.

Producer Meetings

Producer Meetings MarketingProducer meetings are a great way to introduce current and potential customers to the full line of BioZyme® products, and are a proven, effective tool for increasing sales. BioZyme® provides invitations and other materials necessary to hold a successful producer meeting and your Area Sales Manager can help you format and conduct the meeting.

Industry Events & Relationships

BioZyme®’s commitment to creating partnerships with other industry leaders increases brand awareness. Past partnerships and events have included ABS Sales Representatives training on the value of Concept•Aid and the National Western Stock Show Lunch and Learn.

Sure Champ® Add Pak

Sure Champ Add PakThese Paks allow for Sure Champ® branding if desired. Paks available for Cattle and Sheep & Goats. Contact Kevin Glaubius ( for more information on the details of licensing.


  • Cutting edge nutrition for the ultimate show ring appeal leading to more wins.
  • National marketing and branding efforts provided by BioZyme®.


  • Allows more flexibility in use of available grains, proteins, and macro-minerals.
  • No additional vitamins or minerals need to be added; eliminates need to purchase inventory and mix small amounts of specialty ingredients.
  • Meal form for use in mill mix formulations.
    *Mixing directions may need adjustment based on feed intake and nutrient needs.
  • Separate premixes for each species – Cattle, Sheep & Goat, Horse, and Pig.
  • Contains proprietary proportions of proteinated Zn, Cu and Mn.

Concept•Aid® Add Pak

concept-aid-add-pakThese Paks allow for Concept•Aid® branding if desired. Contact Kevin Glaubius ( for more information on the details of licensing.


  • Nutrition Support
  • Feed Testing
  • Field Consulting
  • Mill Label
  • Formulation Assistance


  • Blended for maximum nutritional enhancement of reproductive rates leading to more calves
  • Contains the Amaferm® advantage to release additional energy and protein to support animal performance and feed efficiency.
  • Allows more flexibility in use of available grains, proteins, and macro minerals.
  • Proprietary proportion of proteinated Zu, Cu and Mn.
  • Contains elevated level of Vitamin E.

BioZyme® Feedlot Add Pak

Contact Kevin Glaubius ( for more information.


  • Nutrition Support
  • Feed Testing
  • Field Consulting
  • Mill Label
  • Formulation Assistance


  • Formulated to meet or exceed growing and finishing cattle requirements.
  • Contains added Thiamine.
  • Contains Copper Proteinate.
  • Contains the Amaferm® advantage to support animal performance and feed efficiency.