Prepare for Weaning

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Now is the time to begin thinking about your weaning program. The added stress on calves during this time can lead to health problems, loss of appetite and ultimately pounds lost. With calf prices at record highs an investment in a solid weaning program can lead to extra dollars in your pocket. The Sure Start Program is an easy way to accelerate appetite, speed recovery from weaning, shipping and stress, improve overall animal health and increase dry matter intake and average daily gain.

The Sure Start Program is a three step program system that creates noticeable results for the producer.

VitaFerm Weaning Program

  1. Jump start health and appetite with Vita Charge with a single administration on arrival. Available in Stress Tub, Drench, Paste, Gel Cap, or Liquid Boost.
  2. VitaFerm Sure Start Pellet combines the most current, research-recommended levels of trace minerals and vitamins with Amaferm to combat stress. Click here for feeding directions.
  3. Select one of these three products: VitaFerm Beefmaker, VitaFerm Cattlmen’s Blend or VitaFerm Feedlot RU 1600 Medicated.
  • VitaFerm Beefmaker: Perfect choice for high forage stockers and backgrounding programs. Designed for free choice feeding in grazing situations, also mixes well in a total mixed ration.
  • VitaFerm Cattleman’s Blend: Ideally suited for background and stocker calves on primarily forage diets.
  • VitaFerm Feedlot RU 1600 Medicated: Ideally suited for high grain, grower and finisher diets. Includes Rumensin to increase feed efficiency.

“When I talk to someone about using Sure Start Pac, I first talk about the stress that calves go through at weaning. They go for several days without eating very much so the bugs that digest the feed are very low. Amaferm multiplies the digestive bugs thousands of times to help get their rumen going again. Also the stress they are going through uses up all the B vitamins stored up and B vitamins increase appetite. Sure Start Pac has more B vitamins to replace the vitamins that they have used up which increases appetite so they will start eating sooner. Calves walk by the bunk and will stop and only eat a few pellets and then walk away, but they go back and eat a few more. That’s what they need to get things going in their gut again.” – Wayne & Jean Nelson, Wayne J Nelson Cattle Co.

For more information about the Sure Start Program contact your Area Sales Manager.

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