Must-Have Mineral for Peak Performance

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Getting cattle bred, keeping them bred and weaning a calf that will grow and perform are priorities for Blackwater Cattle Co. The Georgia-based seedstock operation understands the value of a premium mineral program, and that is why it invests in VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® for its embryo and AI program as well as developing the bulls it markets annually. Concept•Aid is the chosen mineral for both bulls and females at Blackwater. The owners and manager agree that they have seen 5-6 % higher conception rates with more pounds at weaning since switching to Concept•Aid. They were recently featured on an episode of The American Rancher.

“We have the option of putting a vitamin premix into our bull development and finishing feeds, but we take those vitamins out and instead offer free-choice Concept•Aid because we place that much faith in the product to do what we feel our bulls need to do,” said Tracy Holbert, co-owner. “Concept•Aid is doing a great job for us. It has influenced our ability to get more cattle pregnant.”

To learn more about the Blackwater Cattle Co. program, watch the clip from The American Rancher Show below.

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