Improving Cow Conception Rates

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Recently, two of our customers, John McCurry of McCurry Angus Ranch, and John and Randa Starnes of Tennessee Rive Music Cattle, were featured on The American Rancher. Both producers stressed how critical it is to see high conception rates in order for their business to remain profitable. Both producers have had success using the Concept-Aid Power Products as well as the Concept-Aid loose mineral formulas.

“Concept•Aid® is one of the most important things we can do to ensure the reproductive potential of our cow herd is maxmized. And the decision is paying off. Last year we had a group of 46 two-year-olds that all bred in 45 days, and calved in a 45 day window this year. These are the first females from our herd to be on Concept•Aid from the time their mothers were bred through them being bred back as two-years-olds.” – John McCurry, McCurry Angus Ranch

To learn more about the McCurry and Starnes’ stories watch our American Rancher show.

To find Concept-Aid Power Products in your area use our Dealer Locator or contact your Area Sales Manager.

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