Feed the Future Program Spotlight: The Collins Family

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For one family in Southwest Oklahoma, the Hereford breed isn’t just another hobby. It is a way of life that runs deep in their heritage. Colby and Shellie Collins are fourth and fifth generation, respectively, Hereford breeders making their daughters Cierra, Claire and Cricket the fifth and sixth generations of Hereford enthusiasts.

“The Hereford industry is near and dear to our hearts, and HYFA is doing great things for youth,” said Shellie Collins, who is a former National Junior Hereford Association president and former National Hereford Queen. “When a company like BioZyme® is willing to step up to the plate to contribute to the Hereford youth, we knew we needed to send in our receipts and encouraged others to do so as well. BioZyme is a great company with a great product and great people.”

The Collins family runs about 550 registered and commercial cows including Hereford, Shorthorn, Chianina, Maine-Anjou and Simmental. Their primary market is show steers and heifers; however, their daughters show Herefords and are active in junior Hereford programs.

Shellie said that the family operation Collins Cattle has used several VitaFerm® products over the years. One of the products they have experience great results with is Concept•Aid®. She said they noticed their conception rates decreasing when the drought started 5-6 years ago, and they knew they needed help to get them back up. A combination of Concept•Aid and Multimin increased their conception rates back where they wanted them.

“We’re very pleased with Concept•Aid and what it has done to help with our conception rates,” Shellie said. “We hope that sending in our receipts helps make a difference for the youth programs that HYFA supports, and we hope other Hereford producers have sent their receipts in too. If BioZyme is willing to partner with us on Feed the Future that really sets the bar for the industry.”

The receipts the Collins’ have sent in have made a difference already to the Hereford Youth Foundation of America. They have sent in enough receipts on VitaFerm products to total $150 toward the Feed the Future Program. It is BioZyme’s goal to make a $100,000 contribution to HYFA by October 2017.

Participating in the Feed the Future Program is simple. Take a picture of your invoice or receipt for VitaFerm products with your camera or smart phone and email the photo to Hereford@biozymeinc.com or text the photo to 816-383-5109; BioZyme will donate $1 for each bag or tub of eligible product. Eligible products include Concept•Aid, HEAT™, Cattlemen’s Blend™, 30:13% Protein Tub, Roughage Fortifier® and Sure Start®  Pellet.

For more information about the program, contact Crystal Blin, Marketing Program Manager, at 816-244-2394 or your Area Sales Manager.

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