Feed the Future is an “Easy Way to Give Back”

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Ron Schutte, owner of Schutte and Sons Polled Herefords at Guide Rock, Neb., is making the final plans for his 45th sale. The Polled Hereford business is a way of life for him and his family, and this is the 66th year of business for the ranch who has sold cattle to 37 states and 2 countries.

However, Ron doesn’t focus on the past; he has an eye for the future of his breed, and that is why he has chosen to participate in the “Feed the Future” program with the American Hereford Association and BioZyme® Inc.

“There are other good minerals out there, but I like VitaFerm® really well, and especially since we can support the youth with our purchases. It’s a good program, and I trust it,” Ron said. “We’ve used other minerals, but the main thing we noticed with other minerals was the retained placentas. With other minerals on 170 cows we might run into 10-15 retained placentas. With VitaFerm we have 1 or 2.”

Ron raises all his own feed except for protein and minerals on his registered Polled Hereford operation in the south-central part of Nebraska and has been feeding VitaFerm Concept•Aid® to his cows year-round for several years. In addition to the reduced numbers of retained placentas, he also feels like his conception rates have improved on the cows that come into heat on time.

This past fall, Ron also started feeding the VitaFerm Protein Tubs to his cows grazing corn stalks to give them added protein. He thought the cows stayed in great shape and seemed pleased with the tubs.

But how does feeding a mineral program help support the youth? BioZyme Inc has partnered with they Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) to create the Feed the Future Program. American Hereford Association members or commercial cattle producers who use Herefords genetics and feed VitaFerm products can turn in their receipts, and BioZyme will donate a $1 per bag or tub of product back to HYFA.

“The kids are the future of the breed, and the Hereford Youth Foundation does quite a bit of breed promotion and kid promotion and giving out scholarships. The scholarship programs are really good within the breed. It is easy. You just get on the computer and scan the receipt of your minerals, and it takes a couple of minutes and its done.  It’s an easy way to give back to the youth,” Ron said.

For more information about Feed the Future, visit: http://vitaferm.com/feedthefuture.


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