American Rancher: Top Line Farm Relies on VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® to Increase Conception

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Marketing registered Angus females in Central Illinois is big business. And, when your goal is to sell at least 100 per year from your 250-head cow herd, making sure every cow is bred is a top priority. That is why Top Line Farm, Tremont, Ill., relies on a high-quality mineral program help them meet their goals.

“At Top Line Farm we are driven 100-percent by raising quality females in a relatively small setting, and we need products to help increase our conception rates, so we can continue to compete with bigger operations and crank out as many high-quality females and productive type cattle as we can. I don’t think without VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® we’d be as successful as we are,” said Garrett Lampe, General Manager.

Top Line Farm is owned by Libby Mathers and her son, Tom, and is home to registered Angus and Red Angus cows. Prior to the introduction of Angus on the farm in the early 2000s, the Mathers also ran Herefords, a dairy and owned American Saddlebred horses.

Since Lampe joined the operation 11 years ago, his focus has been on producing a high-quality female that is backed by customer satisfaction. Although many of the females they sell are show projects for youth, those females also become the foundation of many of those young people’s herds.

“We strive to have high-quality animals, not just to bring in a lot of money or to win banners and win shows. We are trying to raise cows at the end of the day. That’s a really good way to measure the success of our program,” Lampe said.

The cattle bred and raised at Top Line, are sold with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee and customer service to back them. Lampe spends a lot of his time traveling to the customers’ farms and ranches to make sure the females are performing to meet their expectations. In a competitive market, customer service is what differentiates Top Line Farm from the rest.

“We try to really focus on customer service since there are a lot of places that do a good job with customer service. I’m very much in touch with what’s going on with our sale cattle, our breeding decisions and philosophies, and the daily care of the cattle. I think that is something that is unique to us. Word of mouth has been huge for us. We raise productive cattle and we let them go out and let them do the talking for themselves,” Lampe said.

Producing a high-quality and consistent female coupled with the detailed customer service in a family-friendly environment is critical to Top Line Farm’s success. Lampe said their customers become repeat customers because they value the cattle they buy there and the relationships they have formed with the Mathers family, Lampe, his wife, Gretchen, and now their son.

“I like the way the cows look. They stay in flesh; they look productive. They are not fat, they are not lean. The black cows stay black. We don’t get that brown tinge that you’ll see a lot at certain times of year. So overall, they are healthy. I attribute a lot to the ways the cows look and their health to the mineral program the cows are on,” Lampe said.

Top Line Farm will be featured on an upcoming episode of the American Rancher on RFD-TV, where you can learn more about their marketing strategies and how they use VitaFerm products year-round on their cow herd.

Tune into RFD-TV, at 9 p.m., Eastern, Monday, Nov. 12 to see the feature on Top Line Farm.  The episode will rebroadcast at 1 a.m., Eastern, Tuesday, Nov. 13, and again at Noon, Eastern, Sunday, Nov. 13.

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