50 lb. Protein Tubs Provide Convenience

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Cattle Protein Tub

We’ve all struggled to put out one of those 200-lb. protein tubs. Options to get the job done usually include pushing the tubs off the back of a truck bed (don’t ask how they got on the truck to begin with), firing up the skid steer or two grown men manhandling the tub and then complaining of back problems later. Yes, the 200-lb. tubs do have great value. Who wouldn’t like the convenience of a product that combines protein with a bag of high quality mineral? However, we can offer you the same great product, in a convenient smaller size with the 50- lb VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® Protein Tub.

Just like its big sister, the 50-lb. Concept•Aid Protein Tub contains 20% natural protein, Concept•Aid mineral and is consumed at 1 lb. per head, per day. However, its smaller size increases it ease of use. Tennessee River Music, both a BioZyme dealer and longtime user of VitaFerm products, has found that customers appreciate the 50-lb. option because the wife is often taking care of the livestock while the husband works a job in town. “The time it saves for me to put out a couple 50-lb. tubs compared to the 200-lb. size is definitely worth it,” said Randa Starnes, Tennessee River Music. “It’s also no secret that the average age of farmers is increasing across the county and a 50-lb. tub is a much more manageable size.”

An additional benefit of the 50-lb. size is it is more ideally suited for smaller herds. One of the biggest factors that influences consumption on tubs is the number of head per tub. When the number of cattle with a tub is LOWER than the recommended head per tub, consumption actually INCREASES. The 50-lb. Concept•Aid Protein Tub is recommended for 5-15 head, and the 200-lb. tub is recommended for 15-25 head. Both products are designed to target cycling, embryo production and conception when fed 30 days prior to calving through breeding.

“If we didn’t believe in the products we wouldn’t use them or sell them,” Randa says. “We’ve been affected by drought in the Southeast, and pasture is non-existent in areas. The combination of Amaferm®, protein and high-quality vitamin and minerals have kept our cows in good condition.”

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